Wolsztyn Roundhouse

The roundhouse at Wolsztyn dates from 1907, and was expanded to an eight-road shed in 1909. It is still operated by PKP Cargo, a division of the state owned rail company.

Approximately 25 locos are present within the Wolsztyn shed and station area. Out of these, 3 are currently operational and used on the Poznan service (Pt47-65, Pm36-2 and Ol49-59). Ol49-7 remains at Wolsztyn awaiting repairs. A number of others are currently in works for overhaul. Ol49-111 is currently in Leszno, and has been for a number of years. It is currently a kit of parts. Ol49-59 returned from Leszno on 4 March 2011, having been over there since 14 June, for overhaul. Also in Leszno, are Ol49-69 (the original), Ol49-99 (numbered as Ol49-69), Tr5-65, Ty3-2, Ol49-23, and Ol49-60. Ol49-60 has been partly cosmetically painted (in part grey primer), and was scheduled to go for export to Germany, however this now looks unlikely to be happening.

The highlight of each year is the annual Parade, which takes place either the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May. The 2011 Parade is scheduled for 30 April. As well as the locos based at Wolsztyn, this has also featured visiting engines from Chabowka, as well as from Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Page last updated 9 March 2011

Ol49's on Wolsztyn Shed Wolsztyn Shed
Ol49 at night, March 2008 Ol at night, Wolsztyn, March 2008 Ol at night, Wolsztyn, March 2008
  Disposal, Ol49-59, Wolsztyn, March 2009