Welcome to the Polish Steam pages

Welcome to the Polish Steam pages. The pages cover the operation of steam engines and steam hauled trains in Poland, the last place in the whole of Europe where regular timetabled passenger trains are still hauled by steam locomotives.

The operation is centred around the steam shed in Wolsztyn, still owned and operated by PKP Cargo. The fact that Polish steam trains still run on a daily basis, and that Wolsztyn has survived as a steam shed is down to the Wolsztyn Experience, and their unique footplate experience courses.

Wolsztyn lies in north west Poland, approximately 50 miles west of Poznan. The town was a junction for the railways from Zbaszynek to Leszno, and Sulechow to Poznan (via Grodzisk) and also the line to Nowa Sol. The shed was built in 1907 and was originally a four road building. In 1909, the shed was enlarged to 8 roads, its current size.

In 2011 steam returned to the Leszno line whilst work progressed on the upgrade of the Poznan line between Grodzisk and Lubon. Steam has now returned to the Poznan line, from the start of the new timetable. The upgrade has also seen the opening of a new station at Kotowo.

The town hosts an annual steam parade, normally on either the last Saturday in April or the first Saturday in May. Special trains run from Poznan, and from Wroclaw to Wolsztyn. This is a popular event, and is normally attended by thousands of people. The 2012 parade will be held on Saturday 28 April. As yet, there is no news on any special train being organised by TPWP for the following day, in the manner of previous years.

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